A Vision for the Goulburn Wetlands

Below is an extract from the Preliminary Report for the Goulburn Wetlands Project published in September 2010 by Lisa-Maree Siebert of MotherEarthWorks.

It outlines the main components of our vision for the Goulburn Wetlands. Of course, this is the basic concept and it is varied in response to our changing knowledge, budgets and technology, as well as reflecting needs and desires reflected in the Goulburn community.

The main elements of this vision, in no particular order, include:

  • protection of the Mulwarree Chain of Ponds riparian zone
  • partial restoration/replanting of the tall open forest and box woodlands that were most likely to have occurred onsite in pre-European times
  • sustainable treatment of Eastgrove’s storm water before it reaches the river
  • a network of trails permitting walking, exercise, observation and other assets and activities, provided at least in part by the largesse of the Goulburn community
  • open spaces and village greens as venues for such assets and activities
  • ecological enhancement of the site as habitat for native wildlife and a showcase for locally native plants
  • a venue for recreation, education and vocational training
  • a site to act as an attraction for visitors, to enhance Goulburn’s good name and provide social and economic opportunities for the community


Conmcept Design for the Goulburn Wetlands by MotherEarthWorks Pty. Ltd.,

Conmcept Design for the Goulburn Wetlands by MotherEarthWorks Pty. Ltd.,

Changes to this vision since its first inception include (so far):

  • expansion of the project to cover the area previously offered but rejected (with good reason) by the golf course
  • changes to the potential water flow from Eastgrove following more extensive and detailed hydrological studies
  • potential changes to the routes of tracks
  • the separation for safety reasons of pedestrian and cycle traffic



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